FRP Composites Products

FRP Pipe and Ductwork

Inline with our expertise in air pollution control industry, we design and customized of pipe and ductwork to suite based on project needs.

Design Reference:

  • RTP-1
  • ASTM D2996
  • ASTM D3982
  • SMACNA Thermoset FRP Duct Construction Manual
  • and other standard published by internationally recognized organizations.

FRP Damper

Puri-Teq offer both volume control damper and isolation damper. It is a single blade butterfly damper. 

Our damper is designed for:

  • High corrosion resistance using premium fiber glass (FRP) material. 
  • The shaft are design to withstand for high air pressure operation.
  • Easily operating with low thrust required using lever / manual actuator / electrical actuator
  • Low Air Leakage and Air Seal Damper